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LGA4043MBK Kirlin 3mt Patch Cable (2x1 / 4 "Mono - 2xRCA)

It is 3 meters.
Kirlin LightGear Dual Patch Cable
2x 1/4 "Mono Connector - 2x RCA Connector
2x 24x1 Gauge (Dimension) Copper conductor
Copper spiral shielding with 90% coverage
2 x 5.5mm outer diameter PVC Coating
Wire Gauge (Dimension) 2x 24x1
Protection 90% Spiral
Coating OD (mm) 2x 5.5
Coating Material PVC

Kirlin 3mt Patch Cable (2x1 / 4 '' Mono - 2xRCA)

SKU: 665895739581
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