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MPC270PB3MBK Kirlin 3mt. Microphone Cable (XLR Male-XLR Female)

Kirlin Entry 20 Microphone Cable
XLR Male - XLR Female
It is 3 meters.
Our Entry 20-Gauge PVC coated noiseless microphone cable is professionally designed to prevent external interference and ensure signals move quickly and smoothly with minimal distortion, delay or loss. These cables have cotton thread filled twisted pair 20-Gauge CCAM conductors, conductive PE Protection with 100% coverage and CCAM spiral shield with 90% coverage.
● 3 pin XLR Male to XLR Female, metal housing with nickel plated pins.
● 20 x2 Gauge (Dimension) Copper Kalad Aluminum Magnesium alloy (CCAM) conductor.
● CCAM spiral protector with 90% coverage.
● 6.5mm outer diameter PVC coating.
Wire Gauge (Dimension) 20 x2
Protection 90% Spiral
Coating OD (mm) 6.5
Coating Material PVC

Kirlin 3mt. Microphone Cable (XLR Male-XLR Female)

SKU: 665895402942
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